Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hyun Bin discharged from military

Hyun Bin has returned after finishing his military service. Hyun Bin was officially discharged on December 6th, and held a simple, brief event to address the thousands of fans who had gathered to witness his return back to society. The actor, who had been serving in the Marine Corps, greeted his fans with a booming voice and discussed some of his thoughts on returning to his life and career.
Tears then began to form in the actor’s eyes as he thought about returning to acting once more. Hyun Bin enlisted back on March 7th of 2011, and after 21 months of serving in the Marines rather than in the promotional division of the army like most celebrities, the actor has made his return and will be spending his time with his family for the time being. Welcome back Hyun Bin!

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