Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 North Koreans elites defect

10 children of North Korean elite groups are believed to have defected from North Korea.
If this rumor is true, this would severly damage North Korea's internal affairs. This proves that Kim Jong-un's regime is very unstable.
According to well-informed sources, elite youths groups have collectively defected, causing the North Korean authorities keep their eyes and ears alert for potential defections, and a special unit consisted of around 40 members, Teuksujo, was dispatched for the arrest of the defectors
This special unit were dispatched abroad to arrest the defectors. And as a result, 2 defectors were arrested in China.
The two of the ten were repatriated to North Korea. Four secretly found refuge in a US embassy in Vietnam. The whereabouts of the rest are unknown.
The North Korean authorities are remaining silent regarding this issue, but it's been told that of the defectors, the son of Kim Jong-gak is included. kim Jong-gak is currently member of the Poliburo of the Worker's Party of Korea and the vice-director of the General Political Bureau of the Korea People's Army.

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