Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama's message for North Korea in visiting Myanmar

On Monday, President Obama visited a medium-sized Asian country known for its international isolation, brutal military dictatorship and flirtations with nuclear weapons - Myanmar. On his historic visit to Myanmar, Obama had a message for the North Korean leadership. He urged North Korea to let go of their nuclear weapons and choose the path of peace and progress. If North Korea does so, they'll find the extended had from the United States of America. This means relaxing sanctions and offering economic assistance to any country that was willing to unclench its fist. US has provided aids to North Korea over the past few years. However, in order to threaten the US for more aid, North Korea launched missiles and went through with nuclear tests. They even provoked against South Korea. This caused the US-North Korea relationship to deteriorate. Now, the US will no longer endure North Korea's irrational behavior. Whether North Korea will get international aid will be fully up to how North Korea changes. It's time that they take responsibility.

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