Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Japan's stubborn and irrational claim on foreign territory

Diaoyudao is historically and legally Chinese territory, but the Japanese government is taking the issue to the International Court Of Justice. Japan is taking it to ICJ because there is nothing to lose because it wasn't theirs from the beginning. Japan basically stole the so-called Senkaku islands when World War II ended. The funny thing is the US 'allowed' Japan to do so. But who are we to tell Japan can have Chinese land? Seriously this isn't the first time. We basically took Palestinian land and gave it to Israel - but this is a different topic that I will not indulge any further. Anyways, Japan is not stopping with the Diaoyudao. They are taking the Dokdo issue to the ICJ. The present is no longer the time where imperialism prevails. Japan's facism ended along with the WWII. As a war criminal country and a defeated nation, they request to much. This is all because even if Japan loses any of the suits, they won't lose anything, but if they win, there's a big gain. Worth the risk? Probably so. But at what cost?

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