Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As military service is regarded as an opportunity to be recognized for their masculinity, stars gladly take their duties and freshly start their careers.
Hyun Bin, the antagonist of the 2011 small-screen smash hit “Secret Garden,” is ready to re-embark on the entertainment scene. Slated to be discharged on Dec. 6 after 21 months of service at the Marine Corps., he has already moved to establish an agency for himself. Local news outlets reported that the actor will start his own management firm with actress Shin Min-a.
Hyun Bin managed to gain ample publicity after working as the face of numerous Marine events such as promotional marathons, a photo album and film release as well as concerts. Hyun is already receiving endorsements and film offers but is in no rush. He has managed to keep himself in the limelight even in the barrack, and he will pick the ones that suit him perfectly.
For a long time, celebrities daunted the military draft fearing that being two years away from the media limelight would make their career grind to a halt. There have been slews of draft-dodging scandals involving such anxious entertainers. But there was a change in attitudes after top-class celebrities made a soft landing to their old jobs after the discharge and even obtained a positive image of “responsible” and “manly.” Stars such as former H.O.T. singer Tony Ahn, actors Lee Dong-wook and Cheong Jeong-myeong as well as many others have proven that military service could open doors to a new level of careers with a brand new image, and more male celebrities are willing to serve the military without fear.

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