Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Korea's Kt-1 Trainer Jets

Korea's air space industry is advancing. Recently, Korea developed completely indigenous Korean aircraft exclusively using domestic technologies - the T-50 Golden Eagle, supersonic advanced trainers and multirole light fighter, and the KT-1, a single-engined turboprop, basic training aircraft. KT-1's advanced design features make it possible to achieve low stall speed and excellent spin recovery. In addition, the KT-1 is so maneuverable that it has the capability to enter the inverted spin intentionally and to recover easily. With all these features, the KT-1 has unsurpassed superiority over competing trainers in the world.
Twenty Korean-made turboprop KT-1 trainers have been exported to Peru. The governments of the two countries signed the contract worth USD200 million in Lima on Wednesday. KT-1 was chosen because of its price competitiveness and operational efficiency.
So far, more than 100 KT-1 jets are deployed and operational in South Korea, and it is the third overseas shipment of the KT-1 after Indonesia and Turkey and the first time Korea has sold defense equipment to Latin America.

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