Wednesday, July 6, 2011

North Korean Girl's Generation?

Excuse my TERRIBLE image editing skill. I'm really not cut out for this kinda work...
 but at least you can tell which one's which.
Recently, "North Korean Girl's Generation" had become a popular topic in Korean media. A Youtube-like Chinese website posted this video of 11 North Korean girls singing and performing. Although unclear, this video is thought to be a performance for Chinese tourists visiting North Korea, and some Chinese tourist filmed it and posted online.

So uh, that's the story. Korean media agencies spent a few days RAGING over this one-minute-long video.
Well... decide for yourselves...

But hey, if you're into this... uh, uber-conservative (in North Korea, skirts like that are considered very very inappropriate) performance with 1960s feel to it, North Korea has them. Kudos.

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