Monday, July 4, 2011

Fotopedia North Korea : Pictures in Apple App Store now

A screenshot from the appstore
Fotopedia has released a new app for Iphones/Ipad/Itouch called Fotopedia : North Korea. Here's what the fotopedia website says about the app :
Cross the border and explore the most secretive country on Earth.
In the era of satellites, the Internet, CNN and YouTube, it is still hard to even imagine what North Korea looks like.
This is the country with the fourth-largest army in the world, a ubiquitous cult of the personality for its Great and Dear Leaders, mass games (Arirang) with over 100,000 performers, amazingly empty large roads and a national airport offering only one international flight, on certain days.
Eric Lafforgue’s amazing photographic work tells the story with his unique style blending art and realism.
See it for yourself now. 
This application is FREE! So there is no risk in check it out. This app actually has very decent and positive reviews (34 reviews and 4.5 star rating), so it looks hopeful. 

This photographic collection was made by Eric Lafforgue, a French photographer who visited North Korea in 2008 and took 1142 pictures for this album. 

Fotopedia : North Korea Official Website
Apple Appstore page for the application

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