Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'A Country is Hungry' by Cap Anamur

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A while ago, Stern, a German media network, featured a collection of pictures of North Korea, named A Country is Hungry. These pictures were taken by Cap Anamur, a German civilian aid agency. Cap Anamur was in North Korea in May when they provided a 200 ton food aid and supervised its distribution. These pictures were taken during that process, mostly outside of Pyongyang.

You may think, "Hey, I have seen this kind of photos everywhere!" True, but this is I believe the newest selection of North Korea photos. These poor starving folks are still there. Things have not improved.

I don't speak German, but there are various other Korean blogs and news articles about this collection, so I heard of this collection. If you know German and would like to read the original article and captions, go here : Exklusive Bilder aus Nordkorea Ein Land hungert.

Pictures below.

Kim Namhee, 4 years old suffering malnutrition. Out of 24 million people in North Korea, 3.5 are malnourished.
Many survive on food aid from foreign sources.
When will we live in a world without this?
This old lady lost her son, lives with two grandsons and their mother.
She says she gives up her own food to feed them.
Cap Anamur distributes rice to North Koreans
We often eat "multigrain" products for better health benefits.
In North Korea, they MUST, since they lack rice.
North Korean soldiers
All agriculture is done by hand. No tractors, no machines.
An agricultural town
Food aid request for orphanages, pregnant women, and old people enabled Cap Anamur's aid
A hospital in the city of Anju. Malnutrition is common.
Due to lack of budget and facilities, patients share beds with others
Vitamin deficiency is also very common
A school in North Korea. Notice the picture of Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung
Students marching for agricultural harvest. The sign reads : EVERYBODY TO THE FIELDS

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