Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daum App updates with SNSD (Girl's Generation) Themes

Daum Smartphone Application released ver. 2.7 of the app, with a SNSD (Girl's Generation) theme included in the update. The update began on the 29th of the last month, and in mere 4 days over 100,000 people applied this SNSD theme, which amounts to 60% of all users.

Skipping all the jargon about the app, let's get to the SNSD theme part. : ]

If you have an iphone, you can get 12 different themes including the members of SNSD, and movie themes for the group members.

If you have an Android phone, you can get 6 SNSD themes and 12 ordinary themes.

The developers of the app says that more will come, hopefully themes for other K-Pop members as well.

Source : 소녀시대와 함께 하는 다음 앱 ‘인기 급상승’ (Korean)
              Daum updates with new Girl's Generation Themes


  1. i like this. i use android now, how i can download this Application?

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