Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hyunbin (from Secret Garden) in Korean Marine Corps

Hyunbin from Secret Garden
 Hyunbin(현빈) is a popular Korean actor for various Korean drama and film, most notably Secret Garden.

On March 7th, 2011, Hyunbin enlisted with the marine corps of Republic of Korea. All Korean men must join military for approximately 2 years for mandatory service, and celebrities are no exception. Most celebrities, however, join the Army for the shortest service time and to join a specially designated unit for celebrities. Hyunbin took the hard road. Marines, no matter what nationality they are, don't screw around.

Hyunbin's current picture in the marines after the jump.

4 Months later...

Private Hyunbin?
Yep, that's Hyunbin. His hair's been shaved away, skin notably darker, and his face definitely... shrank. Being a marine isn't an easy task, he took the role anyway. I hope him the best and hopefully he'll gain some weight back once he's a corporal/sergeant.

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