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Korean B-Boy Phenomenon

What is a B-Boy?
B-Boy(비보이) refers to a professional male breakdancer. B supposedly stands for 'break' of breakdancing. However, others point to the origins of breakdancing and claims that the 'B' stands for Bronx of New York City, where the dancing genre originated. When there is a competition for B-Boy dancing, they call the event a 'Battle.' Although created in the midst of gang violence and terror, many assess breakdancing as a form of art with a thirst for freedom and escape from violence, poverty, and oppression.

Now B-Boy dancing is an international phenomenon, with South Korea, Germany, Japan, USA, France, and Italy being some of the major players. South Korea's B-Boy teams are widely said to be the best leading group among all, sweeping through competitions like Germany's 'Battle of the Year', UK's 'UK B-Boy Championship', USA's 'Freestyle Session', and an international event 'Redbull BC One'. 

Female counterpart of B-Boy is called B-Girl (duh).

B-Boy in Korea
As said above, B-Boy dancing is very popular in Korea. The latest statistics(2006) say that there were at least 3,000 B-Boys in Korea, at least 100 being world-class dancers. Korean B-Boy dancing videos are like classic textbooks for lots of B-Boys across the globe. During 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, a Korean B-Boy group "Gambler" performed live, and in 2006 the world-first B-Boy theater opened in Seoul, Hongdae.

The 'first' generation B-Boy groups in Korea include 'People Crew', 'Expression', 'Visual Shock', 'Subway', and 'Spark'. Second generation includes 'Gambler', 'Reverse' and 'Extreme Crew'. Third includes 'Last for One', and so on. More videos and information below.
Recently, the R-16 B-Boy world championships took place in Korea (July 2nd~3rd), inviting over 300 B-Boy dancers and other professionals from all over the world.

Below video description : Some little B-Boy kid just pwning the crap out of everyone.

A film on Korean B-Boy Phenomena : Planet B-Boy

Gambler at R16 Semifinal

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