Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pictures : North Korean Fisherman's Life

 Source : Free North Korea Radio (

These pictures were originally on a Chinese news website, then published on FNKradio. The title of the article is "How's the life of those with the most popular job in North Korea - fishermen?"
This decent-looking rural village was made for propaganda purposes, towards foreign visitors.
A fisherman's family dragging a boat engine to the shore. They're so afraid of the engine going bad overnight, they take it home every day. There is virtually no way of fixing this kind of mechanisms in a village like this.
The engine's missing the gas tank. Instead, they shoved a plastic bottle in its place (the bottle is Chinese made, apparently).
These kitchenware you see are all for show-only for foreigners. North Korean citizens don't get to use these nice things. It reminds of those markets for foreigners that have all kinds of things on the display case, but they don't actually sell anything.
The 3 essentials in North Korea : A transformer, flashlights, and a TV. You can't use ANYTHING in North Korea without a transformer. And electricity goes out so often that you need flashlights for emergency.
Picture of Kim Jong-Il. It says "It is my firm resolution to make this, my nation so much more  prosperous". What a blatant lie.
Certificates from the Party. This family has participated in some Party-sponsored activities.

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