Tuesday, December 27, 2011

North Koreans are running out of fake tears

Source : RFA
According to Radio Free Asia(RFA), North Korean citizens are forced to come out to mourning events for Kim Jong-Il, and are forcefully pushed to cry and mourn under heavy surveillance.
Some sources in North Korea complained, "we only hope that these annoying days will pass as soon as possible." Another source said, "there are times set for each factory and office to go mourning. Twice a day, at appointed times, we have to go mourn at the statue. On the way back, we have to stop by at the 'research room' and mourn for another hour."

Everyone must go in their pre-appointed groups to mourn at the statue, then come back to the mourning room at the 'research room' - also known as Kim Il-Sung Revolutionary Activity Center - and mourn while listening to mourning music. Sources complained that hours and hours of mourning day after day is draining out the last drop of their tears. One source joked that North Korea might as well start importing tears.

There are always at least a dozen guards supervising every mourning scene. If they find somebody not crying, they'll take the person out to interrogate. These people will get their name, address, and workplace written down, causing fears for mass crackdown after the funeral.
Source : 북 주민들, 억지 통곡에 지쳐

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