Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Now, two-month salary to ride a train in North Korea

Arirang Festival, part of North Korea's most popular tour program
Source : Radio Free Asia - 평양 지하철 요금, 외국인에 ‘바가지’

According to a Russian journalist that recently visited North Korea, subway fare for foreigners was 2 euros(approx. 260 N. Korean won), compared to 5 North Korean won for N. Korean nationals. 

Marc Bennetts from a Russian media outlet called Ria Novosti stated that he was very surprised at how expensive the subway fare had changed in the past few years. It wasn't just the subway; though the tour guide wouldn't tell him how much goods were priced for North Korean nationals, he noticed that "there [were] special prices and exchange rates in the country." 

In certain restaurants, they didn't even have the price chart for foreigners. They would first ask for their nationality, then write out the bill. 

This kind of rip-off move is thought to be another strategy to rack up on foreign currency, in preparation for their massive festivals and other events they are preparing for 2012, the year of becoming the greatest nation. 260 N. Korean won is about the two-month salary for average N. Korean workers.

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