Thursday, December 22, 2011

N. Korea blames South for showing condolence

Pictured : Kim Jong-Il's body on display for mourners
North Korea has harshly criticized South Korean government showing condolence to North Koreans for the death of their leader. This is North Korea's first move towards South Korea since Kim Jong-Il's death.

North Korea's propaganda website "Uriminjokkiri" commented on an editorial named "We are watching South Korean government."

The news media criticized South Korea for "showing 'condolence' to North Korean people with its "separation of the leader and people of North Korea policy'. They revealed their true evil intent through this act." Uriminjokkiri claimed that South Korean government's condolence is only a great insult to North Korea's dignity.

Also, regarding South Korea's decision of prohibiting civilians from visiting North Korea for Kim Jong-Il's funeral, North Korea claimed, "it is a barbaric crime against humanity."

Source : [김정일 사망]南 조의 표시에 첫 반응…北 "참을 수 없는 모독"

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