Sunday, December 4, 2011

North Korean Propaganda document

Source : Free North Korea Radio (

This is a propaganda lecture material from North Korea regarding South Korea. Considering this surfaced very recently, according to Free North Korea Radio, it is ironic how North Korea seeks to criticize South Korea's democratic economy and politics, with North Korea's own government and economy in crumbles. They also speak of political sovereignty. With international aids nearly cut off by various UN sanctions, isn't North Korea becoming another puppet nation of China? You decide.

Below is the translation of the image you see above :

Lecture Material : South Chosun(Korea) is the most anti-communistic and corrupt society ever.

Our dear supreme leader Kim Jong-Il has stated that <South Chosun is the most anti-communistic and corrupt society ever.>

As you all know, South Chosun is a colony of the United States.
Currently, South Chosun's puppet government is loudly proclaiming "welfare for everyone" and "stability of living"; however, if you look closely, you can see that South Chosun's society is riddled with anti-communism, corruption, and anti-people sentiments, slowly dying and rotting from inside.
Then what is South Chosun's society like?

-South Chosun is a society where political anti-communism and corruption have reached the peak.

Historically, South Chosun's puppet government has been a minion of the United States, without any political sovereignty.

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