Sunday, October 23, 2011

North Korean officials curse at journalists

Artist's interpretation of how angry they must've been?
Saw this on Choson Daily this morning. Translation below..

Officials from North Korea got angry at South Korean journalists, cursing at them and taking away their recorders at an academic conference.

At an academic conference on Korean peninsula's problems, taken place in the state of Georgia, a chief official from the North Korean party screamed "you bastard, get the hell away(이 자식아, 저리 꺼져)" and shoved away a South Korean journalist.

This official, Mang Gyung-Il, said in an informal tone (which is considered pretty rude, if you're talking to a stranger or at a formal event), "Who did it? You writing a fiction? We're gonna find out who did this" to a Yonhap(Korean equivalent of AP, AFP, or Reuters) journalist. 

The reason this happened was because Yonhap news reported on the 17th that when the South Korean party insisted that North Korea apologize for the sinking of Cheonan and shelling of Yeonpyeong islands, North Korean side unexpectedly did not oppose and defy this notion angrily. When this news went out, North Korean party angrily insisted that the journalist who wrote this article release his sources immediately. In this process, they even confiscated the journalist's audio recorder and checked the content.

The reason for their angry response is probably because these officials don't want the Labor Party to know that they did not deny valiantly the involvement and responsibility of North Korean in the two incidents. If the Party found out, they would be punished gravely. They also filmed themselves protesting against the South Korean journalists, probably to have an evidence for their case when they go back to North Korea.

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