Thursday, October 13, 2011

Korean Men : Murses

Personally, this is a huge no-no.
This post is entirely my opinion only. I don't mean to bash anybody, it's just for your information to know, because I think it's interesting.

In case you didn't know, I'm a man. As a male human who lived most of my teen years in the California, U.S., I must say that when I came back to Korea last year, I wasn't all too familiar with the fashion trend here.

Then it hit me in the face, MURSES! MURSES EVERYWHERE!

Alright so, murse = man purse. I'm not saying that I'm against men wearing murses or other metrosexual things. Having lived near West Hollywood I've seen plenty of that, and I'm quite comfortable with it too. It's just that... the population density of murses in any crowd in Seoul was too high for me.

It's just not murses.
Handbacks, Clutches (apparently these are real big right now. I was a little awestruck), and other kind of murses are super popular in male fashion markets in Korea.

If you have seen any Korean drama and/or male K-Pop stars and idols, you probably noticed that male celebrities go for a very metrosexual look. If you ask me what kind of men Korean women look for, I say feminine, and metrosexual.
Pictured : uber-popular Super Junior
Maybe that's why the fashion trend has gone largely feminine and metro, maybe it's something else. I ain't no expert in this field. But I saw this CNNgo article on Korean men with murses, and I had to write something about it. 5 hot murse trends - CNNgo

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