Thursday, October 20, 2011

ADEX : Seoul 2011 is here!

Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2011, also known as ADEX 2011, is taking place in Seoul right now! The event goes from Oct 18th till the 23rd for 6 days, so it's already half-way through.

I had the privilege to visit yesterday, and I must say, the event was huge! Every prominent defense contractor from all over the world, like Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, EADS, and Boeing were there, and so many more! Boeing 787, Boeing's brand-new airliner set to come into service soon, was there for visitors, as well as Global Hawk, F-35 Lightning II, T-50, and so on. This wasn't just an exhibition, the whole show was coupled with a fantastic air-show of T-50s.

Check out the event website at Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition 2011, there is much information to be fascinated at.

Below are the pictures from the event... enjoy.
Kim YoonJoo, she was praised as "the people's flying beauty" by Korean media today
Boeing 787
The exhibition halls
You could hop in F-35 Lightning II!
Global Hawk, US AF's surveillance superpower
T-50 formation
Heart with an arrow!
Korea's symbol, Taeguk mark, or the Yin-Yang symbol

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