Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More pictures of starving North Koreans

Not much time to work on the blog today. But I'll leave you with these pictures.

These pictures were taken by a Chinese journalist between September 29th and October 1st of 2011. Most or all of the pictures were taken in Southern Hwang-hae providence, and I will list the captions below before the pictures (I suck at photo editing...: [ )

1. A little child in a corn field. Most of the crops are withered.
2. A bowl containing a family's lunch. That's all for an entire family.
3. Students, soldiers, and civilians are forced to work in a waterway construction. There are neither equipment nor rights for these people. They're only Kim Jong-Il's consumables.
4. A woman making porridge out of dried corn. They really have not much to eat.
5. Children hospitalized for severe malnutrition.
6. A child working in the field. A normal child might be collecting cards, or playing with other children, but he must work to survive.
7. We can't even tell what they're harvesting in the fields. All these people seem thin and poorly fed.
8. Park Soo-Dong, supposedly the supervisor of a collective farm. He's basically the chief of the village, but he's so thin that you don't need an X-ray to see the shape of his skull.
9. Hungry children. There is no smile left in them.
10. But pictures of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are in every household.
Click to see full sized pictures
Source : Joo Sungha's Nambuk Story Blog(Korean)

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