Monday, April 15, 2013

North Korea’s trouble-making behavior must cease

Premier Li Keqiang warned Pyongyang to stop being provocative yesterday as China and the US renewed their commitment to ridding the Korean Peninsula of nuclear weapons. His remarks, which stopped short of mentioning North Korea or leader Kim Jong-un by name, came as US Secretary of State John Kerry met top leaders for talks on a range of issues. All sides must bear responsibility for maintaining regional peace and stability, and bear the consequences. Li claimed that provocations on the Korean Peninsula will harm the interests of all sides and it is the same as picking up a rock to drop it on one's feet. Chinese leaders pledged to work closely with Washington to ease the volatile situation, in which North Korea has repeatedly threatened nuclear strikes on US territory. Beijing, however, did not detail concrete measures. And, in a sign that it will refrain from any harsh action that could undermine Kim's regime, officials told Kerry the crisis should be resolved through dialogue. China remains North Korea's only ally, exporting fuel and giving food aid to the impoverished nation. Mr Li said the country was keen for North Korea to end its nuclear program and said peace should be maintained in the region. However, he said the main participants should not take part in "trouble-making", which could worsen the current crisis.

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