Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kim Jong-un falls victim to mockery

Kim Jong-un just might be the most famous face on the Internet. He’s a fixture on social media feeds, often depicted as characters like Russell from the animated kid’s movie “Up” and a wrestler named “Kim Jong Un-dertaker.” Thanks to a handful of photoshopped images, I’ll probably always picture him in a blue suit and sunglasses belting out “Gangnam Style.” He’s a leader, a dictator and the head of North Korea’s notorious regime. So in effect, we’re laughing in (or at) the face of terrorism. That doesn’t resonate with me. You want to undermine Kim Jong Un? Take his face off of the Internet, entirely. North Korea’s missile belligerence has been the target of an awful lot of humour, but the folks at Taiwan’s Next Media Animation have taken things a step farther and gone interactive with Best Korea Smackdown, a flash game that tasks players with shooting down North Korean nukes as supreme leader Kim Jong-un attempts to ride them into their targets.

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