Thursday, April 11, 2013

North Korea’s attempt to pressure the international community

The shrill rhetoric from Pyongyang seems to presage impending war on the Korean peninsula, but North Koreans are living their everyday life. North Korean officials have warned diplomats that they cannot guarantee their safety in the capital. However, visitors this week described the atmosphere in North Korea as calm. Residents are apparently preparing not for bitter military conflict, but the anniversary of Kim Il-sung's birth. Some Chinese tour operators have halted travel to North Korea on urging from local authorities and rising safety concerns as Pyongyang whips up war rhetoric following weeks of tension on the Korean peninsula. After a two-day meeting in London, ministers including US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Pyongyang it faced further sanctions in the event of an expected missile launch, amid soaring tensions on the Korean peninsula. In a final statement, the ministers "condemned in the strongest possible terms the continued development of its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs" including uranium enrichment. If North Korea conducts another missile launch or nuclear test we have to take further significant measures.

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