Monday, April 29, 2013

Japan forced comfort women into sexual slavery

Japanese government denies that there is no evidence that Japan is not responsible for the compulsory mobilization of comfort women. However, this is wrong. The United States Office of War Information report of interviews with 20 comfort women in Burma found that the girls were induced by the offer of plenty of money, an opportunity to pay off family debts, easy work, and the prospect of a new life in a new land, Singapore. On the basis of these false representations many girls enlisted for overseas duty and were rewarded with an advance of a few hundred yen. According to a US army investigation reports that investigated war prisoners in Kunming, China in April 1945, there were testimonies that people applied for a job at a Japanese factory, but ended up in sexual slavery. Moreover, there are testimonies of proof of enforced sexual slavery of 20 Korean comfort women found in Myanmar by the US army. Horace Underwood delivered reports compulsory mobilization of comfort women to the US government, and in the Netherlands State Paper Archives, there also are proofs of compulsory mobilization.

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