Sunday, March 10, 2013

UN Security Council denounces North Korea's nuclear test

The UN Security Council ordered new economic sanctions (sanctions 2094) against North Korea on Thursday for its third nuclear test last month, unanimously approving a resolution that the US negotiated with China, the North Korea's greatest protector. In an angry response, North Korea stated that it would nullify all agreements of nonagression and denuclearization with South Korea and was cutting off the North-South hot line. The 2094 sanction condemns the rogue state's nuclear test last month and imposes significant new penalties under the Council's enforcement powers. The resolution strengthens and expands the scope of the strong sanctions regime already in place. It requires member states to freeze or block any financial transaction or financial service that could contribute to North Korea's ilicit nuclear arms and ballistic missile programs or the violation of Security Council resolutions. It also emphasizes the importance of the catch-all clause, which provides comprehensive control of all transactions in parts and technology related to nuclear weapons and missiles. Whether this tough resolution will make any difference in breaking North Korea will depend on the decisions that the North Korean leadership makes.

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