Sunday, March 3, 2013

North Korea tries to win back defectors to maintain regime stability

Another North Korean defectors had returned to North Korea. North Korea held a press conference for the couple and their daughter on the 24th as well as four other female defectors who defected to South Korea and returned to North Korea. Ko Kyung-hee and others have returned to North korea claiming that South Korea is a very dirty world, full of malice and deception. This is hard to believe. Although the defectors may have difficulty adjusting into a capitalist society, living conditions in South Korea is much better than the living conditions in North Korea. Many of these defectors did not return because they yearned for their homeland, bu because they feared for the safety of their loved ones left behind. The North Korean government is threatening defectors to use them as propaganda to control the public outrage caused by economic recessions. There are even cases where the re-defectors are actually some of hundreds of agents who have been sent to the South by the regime and are simply returning to their masters for various purposes, of which one of them is propaganda.

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