Sunday, March 31, 2013

North Korea has no justification or cause to their provocations!

I have no idea how North Korea was able to inform the UN Security Council of impending danger of nuclear war on Korean Peninsula, claiming that the US and the ROK is responsible for the current circumstance.
The recent events were all created by North Korea. It was North Korea that carried out the 3rd nuclear test, and it was the rogue st ate that threatened the peace in East Asia. It, too, was North Korea that cut off all communications lines with South Korea.
Despite all this, North Korea is using the UN to make itself look like the victim, and make the US and the ROK look like the assailant. However, North Korea’s shallow intent is to merely have a ground for justification of their provocations.
The UN Security Council has seen through North Korea’s intent. Although they have received the official letter from North Korea, they stated that they would take no actions to remedy North Korea’s requests. Even if North Korea plans for future provocations, they should know that they have no grounds or cause that will justify their actions.

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