Monday, March 4, 2013

K-Food, the reason why Americans want to visit Korea

Over the recent five years, the number of Americans who want to visit Korea increased. I thought that this may have to do with Psy's Gangnam Style, but according to a survey done by the the Korea Tourism Organization done on 464 Americans, of the 91% people who responded that they wanted to visit Korea, 52% wanted to visit Korea because of Korean food. Bulgogi, Kimchi, and other tasty and healthy K-food must have caught the hearts of Americans. Korean electronic consumer products like smartphones and Korean automobiles were also one of the reasons why Americans wanted to visit Korea. This accounted for 23% of the total replies. 13% of the people wanted to visit Korea because of K-pop. The survey came as a surprise because I did not expect foreigners to think this positively of Korea.

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