Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Korea develops own GPS-guided bomb

South Korea has developed bombs equipped with global positioning system (GPS) capable of targeting distant enemies day and night. Korea developed the 225-kilogram guided bomb with a 40 billion won (US$378 million) budget in the last five years to improve combat capabilities of fighter jets. The Korea GPS-guided bomb shows that South Korea is capable of developing a weapons system for its fighters with its own technology. The GPS-guided bombs to be installed in fighter jets can hit enemies 24 hours a day, hidden behind obstacles at long range. Some of the bombs were deployed from late last year for a test run. The advanced weapon system is expected to allow aged combat jets, including F-4 and F-5 jets, to better strike intended targets as far as 100 kilometers away. Now that Korea possess these capabilities, Kim Jong-un's residence is no longer safe. And I hope this will deter any future provocations from North Korea.

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