Monday, January 7, 2013

Ex-USFK commander, retired Army General Burwell Bell, warned that North Korea will carry out nuclear tests no later than April in order to strengthen their position in the negotiation between the two Koreas. According to Bell, North Korea not only wants to prove to the ROK and the US that they have the capability of launching long-range missiles, but they also possess nuclear weapons.
At the nuclear test facility in Poonggyeri, North Korea has fully prepared for a nuclear test. In order to maximize the effect of brinkmanship, North Korea has repeated the pattern of missile and nuclear tests. I believe that North Korea will carry out nuclear tests when the new ROK administration comes into power this March to leverage an advantageous position in the negotiation talks between the two Koreas.
However, the effect of North Korea's leverage will no longer be effective. Even if North Korea threatens with missile and nuclear tests, the international community will no longer be surprised. North Korea will not benefit from the nuclear test. It will only cause harm to the country. The international community will reinforce sanctions on North Korea. This will ultimately advance the day Kim Jong-un's regime will fall.

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