Sunday, January 6, 2013

According to a fortune teller based in Hong-Kong, Kim Jong-un will face a violent death in 2013. Kim Jong-un will face a great threat during the coming spring, and may lose his life. The people near Kim Jong-un will try to harm him. Therefore, if he is cautious, he will be able to pass the crisis.
If he passes this period, he will live without much incident until the coming fall. Around October and November, Kim Jong-un's fortune is very ominous, and may die.
Kim Jong-un's original physiognomy would've allowed him to live the full of his natural span of life, but because he had plastic surgery to look like his grandfather, he will die of chemical or metal material.
When the fortune teller was asked whether the cause of death was from a bullet wound, which contain both chemical and metal, the fortune teller just smiled and neither affirmed are negated.

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