Tuesday, September 27, 2011

North Korean Assassins on the move?

Here we go again, North Korea doing something you thought you'd see in movies.

Several times in the past weeks, activists against North Korea have been marked for assassination by North Korean agents.... with poison needles.

Three times in recent weeks, activists opposing the government of North Korea's Kim Jong Il have been marked for assassination by well-trained agents wielding poisoned needles, fellow activists allege.
A 46-year-old South Korean pastor named Kim living in Dandong, a Chinese city near the North Korean border, was found unconscious in the street - his face and fingers badly discolored - and died.
The next afternoon in the Chinese city of Yanji, a South Korean involved with missionary work was standing at a traffic light when he felt a pinprick in his lower back. As he collapsed to the sidewalk, he heard a man muttering behind him in Chinese, "Sorry, sorry." He survived the apparent attack.
Initially, the stories about North Korean assassins wielding poisoned needles sounded improbable, but the activists gained some support for their charges this month when South Korean intelligence announced that it had foiled an attack in Seoul in which the intended weapon was a poisoned needle. The target in that case was Park Sung-hak, an activist who had launched balloons into North Korea carrying antigovernment leaflets.
This seems very serious... and we all expected North Korea to consider sinister and extreme methods like assassination. I just didn't think they'd go for poisoned needles... Read more here : North Korea accused of poison attacks on activists

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