Monday, September 26, 2011

The Kimchi Chronicles

I always thought I was the only weird one who likes to eat Kimchi like this. Not anymore!
Ever heard of 'The Kimchi Chronicles'? It actually seems like a popular word of choice. There's the Blog, there's the PBS Documentary, and now there's a Cookbook.

Well actually, the documentary and the cookbook are made by the same awesome kimchi-loving person : Marja Vongerichten. 

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Chicago Tribune featured an article on Vongerichten's new cookbook a few days ago (article here). A few excerpts from the article :
Marja Vongerichten believes it's time for kimchee to be discovered and enjoyed by more people. "I think it's got huge potential," she says. "People just don't really have a knowledge of it."Indeed, nothing looks, tastes, feels or smells quite like kimchee, a pungent, pickled, fermented condiment that is served with nearly every Korean meal. (It's also spelled kimchi or kim chee.)Made year-round, kimchee has hundreds of variations that depend on the season and the available produce, which can include cabbage, radishes, green onions and cucumbers. Many kimchees are fiery in flavor and color thanks to the liberal application of red chili powder. It can also be stinky, but Vongerichten notes the same can be said for a number of fine French cheeses.
"Be adventurous," she urges. "Close your eyes and eat it."
I haven't had the opportunity to look into the content of the book, or try the recipes. But this book has been getting pretty positive feedbacks from both American and Korean media, so I look forward to trying some of the recipes. It's got decent (but few) reviews on Amazon too.

Personally, I'm a big Kimchi lover. My family can never have a normal American dinner (say, a steak) without saying "aw screw this, somebody get the kimchi" in the middle of the meal. Kimchi honestly goes well with almost anything. Pizza, any kinds of meat, rice, hotdog, pasta, burgers... If you go to restaurants in Korea, it's not hard to find things like "Kimchi burgers", and "Kimchi Pasta", etc.

If you like Kimchi and cooking, I think this book might be worth it! Spread the word!

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  1. I have to thank this show and cookbook for driving tons of visitors to my blog searching for those very words. :) I think the number of ways that people can eat kimchi continues to amaze me.