Thursday, September 22, 2011

N. Korea Kim's family visits a VHS/DVD factory

The Kim family is on a road trip! Kim Jong-Il and his lovely fat son Kim Jong-Un visited Mok-Ran Video Company in Pyongyang last September.

Mok-Ran video company has been producing VHS tapes in North Korea, and has added DVD-producing capability very recently. Welcome to a decade ago, North Korea!

More pictures below, with Kim Jong-Un looking like a supervillain.

I wear the stunna' glasses... while looking at CDs?
I sometimes think Kim Jong-Il we see on pictures and videos might be a robot that is designed to do only one of the two things : Pose One, one-hand touching things.
Pose Two, body leaning towards... things

And Kim Jong-Un inherited the same posture, apparently.

Look closely at the last three photos. In the first two pictures, Kim Jong-Un is with his father Kim Jong-Il, all smiling, listening carefully, looking so polite. In the last picture, he is with an old official, suddenly looking like a thug or something. He definitely seems to have inherited the dictator blood in him...


  1. Yeah, last picture definitely shows his true face he really looks like his father's old picture.

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