Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hyun Bin the Korean marine to visit Indonesia

Hyunbin(29), who is currently serving in the 6th Marine Corps Brigade of South Korea, may be visiting Indonesia next month.

An official from the Marine Corps said, "Indonesian government invited Hyunbin for their Armed Forces Day event (Oct. 4~7th). South Korea's Ministry of Defense is currently reviewing the plan." Hyunbin is a very well-known Korean celebrity in Indonesia due to his major role in the drama 'Secret Garden'.

Also, Jun-gi Lee, Hyo-shin Park, and 5 other Korean celebrities serving in Korean military will be visiting Indonesia for Korean Culture Relations Event on Oct 1st~4th.

So there it is Indonesian readers. If you like Hyunbin and/or other Korean stars, look into those events in the next couple weeks!

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