Thursday, August 4, 2011

KARA and SHINee in a new K-Drama

KARA (above)
SHINee (above)
First. No, KARA and SHINee won't be starring in a K-Drama as actors and actresses. But 'Strangers 6', a K-Drama made by a Korea-China-Japan collaboration. KARA and SHINee will be making the opening OST and other music for the drama.

Strangers 6 is a suspense action drama where the three governments (Korea, China, Japan) are putting a project together to prevent a wide-scale natural disaster bound to happen to a fictional city, and a mysterious organization tries to foil the plan. This drama will be aired in 10 different nations including South Korea, China, and Japan. Not every info is available yet, but I think this is worth waiting for!

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