Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IAAF 2011 Championships in Daegu, Korea

South Korea isn't hosting only Pyongchang Winter Olympics 2018. They're also hosting IAAF (International Association of Athletes Federation) Championships 2011 in Daegu. It is basically an international competition for everything track sports - jumping, throwing, running and so on.

2,500 athletes from 207 nations will be participating 47 different events. Some international superstar athletes like Usain Bolt and many others will be participating as well!

Daegu has been preparing for this event for a while, and they're all ready and prepped with state-of-art technology and service. I hope the weather will be with us, as rain and athletes don't mix too well. Stay tuned for the event!

You can check out the details/schedules of the championships here :
IAAF Daegu 2011 (English)
IAAF Daegu 2011 (Korean)

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