Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nobody will sympathize Mayor Hashimoto

Osaka City officials revealed on Monday that a letter from a San Francisco official was sent to keep Hashimoto from visiting the city. It was made known to Hashimoto that San Francisco will not consider his trip official or a courtesy call although it admitted to be in no position of stopping him for a private trip. The letter also warned of the stand of San Francisco’s people against Hashimoto. The Osaka mayor has recently caused a stir with his statement regarding “comfort women” during the Second World War, calling them “necessary” for the Japanese soldiers. Although Japan’s offense was committed to Asian women, the statement of Hashimoto made its reverberation even in the West. Hashimoto initially intended to pursue his trip, but eventually heeded the letter from San Francisco because of expected protests that would welcome him, instead of warm greetings from US officials. Japan is walking the path of isolation. It must stop distorting the historical facts. I guess even six decades of sister city relationship was not enough to welcome Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto in visiting San Francisco.


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