Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Korea shutdown Kaesong complex because of Chocopies?

Because North Korea shutdown the Kaesong Industrial Complex, South Korean investors lost a lot of money. However, North Korea also received a lot of damages. One of the risks North Korea face now in withdrawing everybody is the 50,000 people who left their jobs two weeks ago are very unhappy. The North Korean workers have become used to a discipline of having a good job, going to work every day, getting a nice lunch and health services, and Chocopies which you can sell in the market for some extra money. By denying these people those benefits and their current lifestyle, I can't imagine they would be happy. The change in mindset of the people in Pyongyang becoming more engaged in market trading and market economies, and making money from entrepreneurship has become a threat to the regime's longer-term interests. North Korea must have shutdown Kaesong in order to prevent the “ideological contamination” to continue.

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