Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let’s change North Korea through the Korean Peninsula Trust Process

South Korean President Park Geun-hye and US President Barack Obama agreed never to tolerate North Korean threats and provocations, stressing that such bad behavior will only deepen Pyongyang's own isolation. Park made the remarks during a joint news conference after her first summit talks with Obama since taking office in February. The meeting came as the North has shown signs of softening its war rhetoric after threatening nuclear attacks against the South and the US for weeks. Seoul and Washington will work jointly to encourage North Korea to make the right choice through multifaceted efforts, including the implementation of the "Korean Peninsula trust process." Park and Obama also discussed a need to forge multinational approach to bring peace and stability in the region, such as through Park’s proposal to establish the Northeast Asia initiative similar to the Helsinki process of Europe in the 1970s. Dubbed the "Northeast Asia peace and cooperation initiative," the plan calls for Asian nations to enhance cooperation, first on nonpolitical issues such as climate change and counterterrorism, before expanding the trust that was built through such cooperation to other areas. 

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