Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FTD : Kim Jong-Un Must Step Down

Financial Times Deutschland(FTD) featured an article called "7 dictators that must step down in 2012". The second dictators chosen by FTD were :

-Baschar al-Assad
-Ayatollah Ali Chamanei
-Alexander Lukaschenko
-Robert Mugabe
-Nursultan Nasarbajew
-Omar Hussein al-Baschir
-Kim Jong-Un.

FTD pointed out that while North Korea is extremely hostile to almost all nations, the US knows almost nothing about Kim Jong-Un. Nobody is even sure of his age, except that he seems to be in his late 20s. FTD also pointed out that the 24 million people of North Korea are starving and suffering from malnutrition, as well as 200,000 people in political labor prisons.

Congratulations, Kim Jong-Un! You just got your face out, and you seem to have taken your father's evil legacy right away.

Source : FTD : Wer 2012 abtreten muss

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