Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More pictures of life in Pyongyang

Source : North Korea RT by Joo Sung-ha

The original source of these pictures is David Guttenfelder from Associated Press. I couldn't find more information about these photos, but as you can probably tell, these pictures are for PR purposes. Virtually all these pictures are staged. Enjoy the pictures, as these are from the most isolated regime of the world.

March 10th, 2011. Pyongyang subway
March 9th. A girl playing piano
March 12th. Downtown Pyongyang. Enlarge this picture to see what an ultimate dystopia looks like
March 15th. A badminton dance(...) for Kim Il-Sung's birthday festival
April 13th. Computer lab inside Kim Il-Sung University
April 16th. A fastfood restaurant in Pyongyang amusement park
April 21st. Workers transporting goods with a trolley
March 9th. The caption read "portable radios"
April 22nd. Is it just me or is that lady not looking at the animal at all?
Apartments outside of Pyongyang. Please tell me those are still under construction.
Freeway near Pyongyang. There are never any cars here
Outside the hotel window of the photographer, Pyongyang
Mercedes cars. These belong to high Party officers.

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